The Little Portal Gizmo

The Little Portal Gizmo is a small and lean container for Java web applications based on the Eclipse plug-in infrastructure and the Apache HttpCore.

Instead of supporting the Java Servlet API, the Gizmo uses its own custom and very light weight API. This hinges on the Model-View-Controller design pattern. The web applications you develop for the Gizmo have the form of Eclipse plug-ins.

A Gizmo instance can run any number of web applications at a time.

As its HTTP/S protocol engine the Gizmo uses Apache HTTP Core/NIO in non-blocking event driven I/O mode based on Java NIO. This should allow it to easily keep up with high request loads.

Here are some of the ideas behind the Little Portal Gizmo:

  • have as few lines of code and configuration as possible in applications
  • automatic decoding of parameters in HTTP POST and GET requests
  • be able to serve static content
  • straightforward integrated session handling
  • separation of business logic and presentation (or model, view and controller, if you want to put it that way)
  • easy integration of generators for different response output formats (JSON, HTML, etc.)
  • easy integration of template engines
  • curiosity: let's just try out this whole thing

These external components are being used:

A Few Quick Tips

  • You need to know Java and a bit of Eclipse. Some experience with Eclipse extension points and how to connect an extension to them will be helpful.
  • Get the Gizmo straight from the CVS server. I don't currently package releases very often.
  • Consider checking the Change Log. It tells you what's going on.
  • Consider joining the Mailing Lists.

All the best for now and let us know what you think!


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$Date: 2009/07/26 16:47:39 $
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